Ray Giddens

Raymond K. Giddens was born in Nashville, Georgia in 1943. He studied art at the University of Georgia and graduated there in 1969. His career was in environmental design and the business he founded was Environmental Arts in Greenville, SC (1970-1998).

In retirement, he returned to college and studied sculpture at Greenville Tech and Clemson. He has since been creating metal sculptures in a barn studio on his farm in Simpsonville, SC. He works mostly in welded steel, sometimes relieving it with brass and fused or stained glass. He is currently experimenting with paintings and sculptures in encaustic on steel,

Several of his larger welded metal sculptures are on display in the cities of Greenville, SC and Lenoir, NC. He has been commissioned to create kinetic sculptures mostly in private gardens in SC. He also has sculptures in the Greenville, SC Art District and in other cities in SC, NC and GA.

He often creates whimsical sculptures that appeal to the child in everyone, holding the belief that art is for everyone, not just for those trained in the field. Though his art is meant to appeal to the art enthusiast. It is also hoped to be a catalyst compelling enthusiasm from those who may not otherwise be attracted to sculpture.

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